Because we could see this guy delivering that number at night, then posing by the pool, with those shoulders, for the edification of the female passengers. Examples of edification in a sentence: 1. Her Father's Daughter Gene Stratton-Porter There you may find holy and solemn services fitted for the edification of the people of God. Adults, it's presumed, know the difference between nudity as titillation (porn) and nudity as edification (art). 4. What does edification mean? Legends and history were of equal value, since both were used for edification. Source(s): 33 20 Sermons that edify are well attended; and his parishioners are as much edified by his good example as by his excellent … Other words with the same letter pairs : 7. I'll write your sentence, but only for your own edification. Learn more. Meanwhile, meanwhile: inside a prison cell, swindler extraordinaire Bernard Madoff talks for his share, or the edification of tier guards. For example: "the edification" or "and edification", Words that often come after edification in sentences. Eph 2: 20 refers to the Church; but the passage here to their individual progress in edification (Ac stablished -- confirmed. Let it be recorded for the edification of future historians. Their most funda mental pur pose however is, as everything in Orthodox worship, to aid in the edification and salvation of the worshippers by giving glory to God. Words that aren't necessarily predecessors or successors, but are often found in the same sentence. Edification; 1. "edification," which properly means this building up of all Christians in one, has come to stand for individual improvement; for it is by being incorporated into the one Body, that we have the promise of life; by becoming members of Christ, we have the gift of His Spirit. abounding therein with thanksgiving -- advancing to fuller maturity. Dr Burges would comprehend the significancy of sacred ecclesiastical ceremonies, for stirring men up to the remembrance of some mystery of piety or duty to God, under that edification which is required in things that concern order and decency by all divines. 3. For example, The main purpose of art is to supply moral uplift and edification. 2. He spoke with the edification of a sermon and the brilliancy of a satire. 17. At an appropriate moment, a random quoter might assume a wise expression, raise a finger in the air and spout memorable lines from Great Poems or historic orations for the edification of those within earshot. Because Shirley is a committed lifelong learner, she visits the library at least once a week for personal edification and intellectual enrichment. Information and translations of edification in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. So here, for your edification, is an incredibly scientific pair of polls which will revolutionize modern science and understanding of sexuality. The edification list of example sentences with edification. 3. Learn more. Old material shouldn't be credible either (pre-2005) because Christopher West has revised many of his writings from the original text, realizing the necessary edification and clarification of his work. His lordship had been an ear-witness to … An example of edification is a once greedy person donating their time and money to homeless people. For example: "edification of" or "edification .". edification meaning: 1. the improvement of the mind and understanding, especially by learning: 2. the improvement of…. Example sentences for: edification How can you use “edification” in a sentence? Read more. edification = education (editor's note: The suffix "-tion", converts a verb into a noun that denotes the action or result of the verb.Typically, there is a slight change in the ending of the root verb, as in action, education, and observation.)