The United States Marine Corps needs a few good men (and women) to fill about 140 enlisted entry-level job specialties. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! I’d definitely go the Officer route. Less than 20% of all candidates score higher than 60. Download Asvab Score Waiver Navy doc. ASVAB Scores and AFQT scores. As a Logistics Specialist, you make sure we’re well-prepared for that task. If a candidate has never processed for a Secret clearance, conclude the screening and advise candidate to contact security department to process for a Secret clearance. They develop, evaluate, monitor, and supervise logistics plans and programs including war readiness materiel, deployment, employment, and support planning. In 1917-1918, the Army Alpha and Army Beta tests were developed so that military commanders could have some measure of the ability of their personnel. While other military branches create line score composites to determine your eligibility for various jobs, with the Navy it is more of a case of what you see is what you get. Provide expert knowledge to Program Leadership to optimize material condition and readiness providing the most currently enhanced and functional equipment to Naval Fleet Commands. You’ll also safely secure and control weapons and ammunition in … This means if a Navy job requires a General Science (GS), Auto & Shop (AS) and Mathematics Knowledge (MK) score of 80, the total of your scores on each of these subtests from the ASVAB would have to be 80 or above. Logistics specialists manage the particulars surrounding procurement, maintenance, and transportation of military materiel, facilities, and personnel. After taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, you will receive a report with all your scores on it. The ASVAB score is standardized as a percentile. Free interview details posted anonymously by US Navy interview candidates. Professionals in Navy purchasing, supply and logistics work in offices, shore-based warehouses, air cargo terminals at naval air stations and aboard ships. I graduate college this coming June and am very interested in the Navy. You’ll receive, inspect, inventory, load and unload, store, issue, and deliver all supplies and equipment. While that will get you into the Navy, you have to understand that you're ability to choose a rate isn't based on your AFQT (the score you referenced). The Navy showed that my scores qualify me for EVERY job, but they only offered me Sonar Tech and Logistics Specialist(Storekeeper). After receiving your score you then qualify for … ASVAB: Military Jobs that require Coding Speed. As far as rates go, I’m interested in Mass Communications Specialist, Gunner’s Mate, Surface Warfare Officer, Hospital Corpsman (blueside), Logistics Specialist, or Air Traffic Controller. We defend one of the largest nations in the world. Below is a table listing the Navy job rating and title and the minimum ASVAB subtest scores required to qualify for the training. The AFQT score is the most important ASVAB score, because it determines if you can enlist in the U.S. Army. Their boss is usually an officer. Calc gardes were vietnam veterans day in that can you a waiver for. These scores include your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) Navy ASVAB score requirements. These individuals are the ones who handle records and pay. High school seniors or graduates must have a minimum 31 overall ASVAB score, and GED holders must have a minimum of 50 overall ASVAB score. The ASVAB test that is geared for US Navy recruits is directed at those wishing to serve their country via the sea and will help with job determination. Like the Army, the Marine Corps calls its enlisted jobs Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). Navy. This score consists of the subtests for Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, and General Science. The average ASVAB score should be 50 or higher. The Army converts the ASVAB subtest scores into 10 composite score areas, known as “line scores.” The line scores determine what job(s) an individual qualifies for. Download Asvab Score Waiver Navy pdf. (My NUC score is 258 and my OPS is 248 etc.) As the Unit Supply Specialist, you’ll be responsible for supervising and maintaining all Army supplies and equipment. The ASVAB score requirements to join the Navy and become a Navy SEAL are explored here. Note 1: ASVAB test score combination of: VE + MK = 105 or VE + MK + CS = 157 . Navy Logistics Specialist 02/2011 - Current US Navy Hazelwood, MO. Logistics Specialists (LS) provide diverse logistics and accounting support in a global setting to aviation, surface, subsurface, and expeditionary forces; order, receive, inspect, stow, preserve, package, ship, and issue materials and cargo; operate Navy post offices; account for government materials; and prepare and maintain required forms, records, correspondence, reports, and files. ... First you must take the ASVAB test and score within a certain range. Qualification for jobs in the Navy are based on your ASVAB line scores which, in turn, are combinations of your scores on the various subtests that make up the ASVAB. Both officers and enlisted can do this job. Officers are not required to take the ASVAB test, however they must take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test which is similar to the SAT before admission. Divides afqt determines your asvab score navy will also, you see the table to set aside at to get on that a branch Currently doing those areas of points than five list of everything. DT: Dental Technician: VE + MK + GS = 149, & VE + MK + CS = 153 : IT: Information System Technician: VE + MK + CS = 163 or VE + MK = 110 : OS: Operations Specialist Serving the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard In the Navy, the equivalent to a Human resource specialist would be what is called a Personnelman. I.e. Therefore, the average ASVAB score is approximately 50. Note 2: Religious Program Specialists are required to maintain, at a minimum, a Secret clearance. 16 US Navy Logistics Specialist interview questions and 16 interview reviews. Also covered is the AFQT test and guides to what AFQT score is necessary to qualify for entrance into the US Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. By Angie Papple Johnston . To become an Unmanned Aerial System Avionics Technician, the individual must have an EL score of 105, while it would take 115 to become an Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support Specialist. However, the U.S. Army also converts the ASVAB test scores into 10 other composite score areas known as "line scores" that determine what MOS an individual may qualify for. It's actually based on your line scores. The diverse working locations provide an excellent opportunity for expanding knowledge and skills in inventory management, financial management, procurement and warehouse management. The military has used aptitude tests since World War I to screen people for military service. The Army Alpha was a group-administered test that measured verbal ability, numerical ability,