Glow Up Challenge: How To Glow Up In One Month Or Less The phrase can be applied to positive changes in one's appearance, but usually focuses more on one's successes in life and increased self-confidence. See more. Call it a nice way to say goodbye to summer or getting ready for a busy winter… Yes, you can do this glow up challenge AT ANY time of the year!! The real "glow up" is when we are OK with being alone, OK with conquering challenges, and OK with facing reality. Essentially, glow up is another phrase for going through puberty, but the glow up process focuses on the improvement of physical appearance, individual style, overall attractiveness and maturity, in contrast to puberty, which basically focuses on physical and biological developments, such as facial hair for boys and periods for girls. 6 synonyms of grow up from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 14 related words, definitions, and antonyms. The purported goal of glowniggers is baiting potential criminals or gather intelligence about a particular online community to reveal their intentions or beliefs. A governmental agent (FBI, NSA, CIA, ATF) making bait posts on forums and image boards to entrap individuals or gather intelligence. Light Up synonyms. Top light up synonyms (related to glow) are shine, shimmer and issue. Every time I started my glow up month, it kind of turned everything into meditative time, filled with beauty routines and self-care. When it comes down to it, growing up is about so much more than just achieving society's standards of beauty. Find another word for grow up. This might look like changing your appearance, drinking more water, or achieving your goals. Glow definition, a light emitted by or as if by a substance heated to luminosity; incandescence. glow - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Modeled on the phrase "grow up." A "glow up" does not have to be about having perfect eyebrows, clear skin, and a perfect figure. Having a glow up is an empowering transformation of who you are. glow up 1. verb To transform oneself in a significant way. Synonyms for glow include light, gleam, radiance, brightness, incandescence, brilliance, glimmer, luminosity, vividness and luminescence. The practice of posting as a glownigger is called glowposting. All Free. Another word for glow: light, gleam, splendour, glimmer, brilliance | Collins English Thesaurus glow-up (third-person singular simple present glow-ups, present participle glow-uping, simple past and past participle glow-uped) To undergo such a transformation.